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Pick-Up, Clean Up and Delivery

Investing in an Oriental or area rug adds beauty to your home for many, many years.  To keep your rugs clean, beautiful and extend the lifetime value, have them professionally cleaned at Action Carpet Cleaners, Inc., Fredericksburg’s finest in Oriental and area rug care.

We are local, centrally located and ready to serve. We give special attention and care to determine the best cleaning procedure and method for your particular rug type.  Your rugs can be dropped off at our in-plant facility at 503 Lafayette Boulevard, in downtown historic Fredericksburg or schedule us to pick them up for you. We will even put your rugs back in place for you when we deliver them.

We will give you a call to discuss any concerns, repair options, or recommended preventive care measures that will keep your investment in its best condition.

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Check-in: When we receive your rug, we follow stringent quality control & pre-inspection procedures.  Your rug is tagged, photographed, and undergoes a pre-wash inspection to identify stains, fiber condition, wear patterns, and other areas of concern.
  2. Dry soil removal: Grit and dry soil that is embedded in rug is removed by dusting both sides of the rug.
  3. Washing: Rug is thoroughly washed to remove all soil, odors and contaminants
  4. Hand-wash Fringes: Fringes are thoroughly hand-washed.
  5. Dry: Rug is hung on drying tower and blowers are utilized to accelerate drying time.
  6. Final Detail inspection: Rug is given a final detailed inspection. Rug is vacuumed and groomed.  The fringes are brushed. The rug is rolled, wrapped in paper and labeled with customer information.

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